Microsoft & Nokia Marketing Plans

Paul Thurrott, in his anti-rumor rant, has clarified that Microsoft and Nokia are planning a 200 million dollar marketing campaign for their new Windows Phone 7 devices. In an industry fueled by rumors and pre-release leaks, it is assured that there will be some inaccurate information. I wonder what Mr. Thurrott thinks about the site WinRumors?

I don’t want to reveal more, and I’ve been sitting on this information for weeks so that Microsoft can make its big announcement at CES this coming week. But with these leaks, as with the equally inaccurate LTE leaks last week, I felt the need to set the record straight. The way tech blogs work these days is that any information, no matter how inaccurate, is simply parroted between all the gadget blogs and then, inevitably, to the increasingly lazy mainstream news as well. So let’s at least get it right.