Youngest MCP in Critical Condition

For those that haven’t heard, the once youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, Arifa Karim suffered cardiac arrest right before the Christmas holiday. The doctors had given up hope that she would survive, but as she has proven in the past she is full of surprises. She has shown some brain activity and is twitching her fingers. She is still in critical condition.

Arifa became the youngest MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) at age 9 in 2004 (she is about 16 years old now). As those of us that have earned this certification, it isn’t something to take lightly. These exams are difficult. She has visited the United States Microsoft offices accompanied by Bill Gates, and was part of the Tech-Ed Developers conference in 2006. She is a very talented young lady.

My thoughts and prayers go out to this young woman and her family. I have been thinking about this since I heard about it in December and will be following the story.