Interact With Windows 8 Using Your Eyes

A new technology from Tobii Technology enables you to navigate and use your  Windows 8 computer using your eyes. You look where you want to go, and a touch of the touchpad and off you go. It looks great with the YouTube video the company has published.

I’d like to see how well it works with more than one person at the PC (as it happens a lot). How does it react with people that wear glasses? There was an issue with a camera thinking an Asian was blinking, would this suffer similar effects? There are a lot of variables that I would question on how this would work (glass eye?), but it does look like a very neat technology that I’d like to see go further!

Personally, I think this has a lot of applications, especially if it is miniaturized for a helmet mounted HUD navigating a GUI for different things (military is a big one). Imagine navigating a map on a HUD, minimizing it to see a real time video of a drone, then back to the battlefield – just by looking at different icons on your HUD. Very interesting stuff, for sure.

Gaze will bring about the next big change in the way that we interact with computers. Tobii’s Gaze technology is ready to revolutionize computer interfaces and the way that we use computers to communicate, play and work.  The same way touch has revolutionized hand held devices, gaze will increase the fun and add ease, speed and intuitiveness to computers.