New Windows 8 Beta Screenshots

Tom Warren (of WinRumors fame – now on The Verge) has posted some new screenshots and a nice video of the newest build of the beta for Windows 8. Color chooser for the new Metro start screen, translucent Charms Bar, and much more. It looks excellent, and getting very polished compared to the early developer preview. I can’t wait to try out the beta come February.

Microsoft also confirmed some recently leaked images that demonstrated a color picker for the Start Screen, and a translucent Charms Bar. Windows 8 build 8175 includes the ability to switch the Start Screen colors, and you’ll see from our hands-on pictures that there’s a high level of customization available. The software giant has previously promised that a Windows 8 beta will be made available in late February, alongside the new Windows Store, and we’d expect to see these improvements alongside even more changes.