Windows Phone 7 Getting The Attention

CES is in full swing, and the unlikely contender is getting much deserved attention. Windows Phone 7 is everywhere at CES, and not only at the booths. The attendees are talking about it. The Windows Phone 7 team is even out betting $100 that their phone can beat yours in a head to head test. This is great news for the Windows Phone platform, and it’s been all good attention, too!

But with its Windows Phone devices, Nokia has picked up not one, but two U.S. carriers for its Lumia handsets: T-Mobile for the 710 (a great little $49 phone I’ve used for the past week) and now AT&T for the 900. And now you can’t talk about Nokia without also discussing Microsoft or Windows Phone. From a buzz perspective, it’s a win for both companies, even though pricing and availability details are lacking on the AT&T handsets.