Weekend with Windows 8

This guy has a good opinion on Windows 8 – techies are going to dislike it, those that use computers as a tool are going to love it. It does seem to have a lot more attention to detail.

First lets go back to 2005 and 2006. Microsoft was in the height of it’s “me-too” phase. Bill Gates had clearly checked out mentally from the company. Windows Vista was in beta, and the talk of the town was that the Windows XP’s follow up was going to be a disaster. It was. It was a living embodiment of everything wrong with Microsoft. The operating system had been mismanaged to the tune of a years of delays. It felt designed by committee and sterile. This was a dark time for me. I openly lusted for a MacBook: an elegant machine, with an operating system made by people who cared about the details, about the way people who used their products would perceive it. I was standing on the edge, and I almost became a member of the Mac faithful until Zune made it’s debuted and helped me understand that Microsoft could in fact produce quality products.