Xbox Next Not Allowing Used Games?

Hmmmm, I call BS. There are rumors that the new Xbox (720, Next, whatever you want to call it) will not allow you to play used games. This would nearly kill the console before it even launches, if it is true. There are a lot of people that won’t buy a game new with prices topping $70 these days. Waiting a year for it to drop to $30 is an option, but buying it used for $15 or less after the year or $35-$40 right off the bat can save some money. If it’s true, I’m sure that modding of consoles will be very popular.

Gaming news site Kotaku is claiming that the so-called Xbox 720 will incorporate some type of anti-used game technology. Citing a "reliable industry source," Kotaku admitted that it’s not clear how such a technology would be set up and if it means the Xbox wouldn’t play used games at all.