Skype Coming Soon To Windows Phone

After Microsoft acquired Skype, everyone knew it was a matter of time before they created a Windows Phone version of the popular video phone program. It sounds like that time has finally come. With a front facing camera on a WP device, this could be a Facetime killer. Skype is available on a lot more platforms, and is used by a lot more people that Apple’s popular Facetime. Note: I actually love Facetime and feel that is it definitely a feature that others should incorporate into their software. I’m very surprised that Apple didn’t release the application on other platforms. Very easy to use, quick, and convenient.

This version of Skype reportedly will be a standalone app when it launches and be integrated into the People Hub part of the phone with the release of Windows Phone 8. Skype could be introduced as early as Mobile World Congress, which begins in the last week of February.