WHOA! WOA is Coming!

WOA, or Windows on ARM, has been a bit camera shy and very little details have been released. Finally, Steven Sinofsky has written a long winded article on what to expect from WOA, and how they are implementing and designing for the ARM architecture. There is even a phone device running Windows 8 – although it isn’t a product or an upcoming product, just a bunch of geeks playing with ARM on an ARM device. It sounds like the geeks are finally taking the reigns of Windows again, instead of the bean counters.

There is a lot of information at the Building Windows site, a video and information on Windows 8.

At the same time, while this post is exclusively on our work on WOA, we have had a deeper level of collaboration with Intel and AMD on the full breadth of PC offerings than in any past release. Windows 8 innovations on powerful and richly capable x86/64 processors, and work on new low-power processors such as those that Intel demonstrated at CES, require an equally strong commitment, even larger engineering investment, robust new designs, and improved architecture for Windows across these platforms. While discussing our engineering for ARM processors, it is important to keep in mind that in addition to all of the new work for the ARM platform we have done, much of the work discussed in this post applies directly to the x86/64 platform and Windows 8 as well. We could not be more excited or supportive of the new products from Intel and AMD that will be part of Windows 8—across a full spectrum of PC form factors including tablet, notebook, Ultrabook™, all-in-one, desktop, and more that all take advantage of the new capabilities of Windows 8 while Windows 8 takes advantage of new features in hardware.