Fake Steven Sinofsky Twitter Account

Someone has been using a fake Twitter account to play with people, even telling them that HP TouchPad would be getting a free copy of Windows 8 WOA as part of a partnership with HP. Of course, the account is fake, and there isn’t a Windows 8 WOA upgrade for the TouchPad. Microsoft has taken notice and the account was renamed to @FakeSinofsky from the previous @StevenSinofsky.

The Twitter user states up front, "Oh, I’m not ‘the’ Steven Sinofsky by the way. He’s got a little project to focus on for now." However, he has been spending the weekend answering questions from people as if he were the real Sinofsky. He’s been claiming that that HP TouchPad owners will be getting a Windows 8 upgrade and also saying that Microsoft want’s to license MC Hammer’s "Can’t Touch This" as the official theme song for the Windows 8 launch.