Asus Windows RT Tablet Shown

NVIDIA is showing off the Asus Windows RT Tablet 600, which is of course powered by the new Tegra 3 quad core processor from NVIDIA. It does look very fluid, fast and ready for primetime. I love the touchscreen interface of Windows 8 (not going to mention using it on a desktop… for now), and the addition of a keyboard is very nice.

Now, my only question is how it is going to compare to it’s next big competitor: the iPad. I’m not really sure. Until pricing is announced (which is going to be the #1 thing in peoples minds, really), I don’t think we’ll know how these things are going to sell. It looks good, seems to perform well, but I’m still not sold on a ARM Windows tablet for >$600. If it came out at $500, I’d jump on it. I bought an iPad for the same price, and if a Windows powered tablet was available at the time in that price range, I’d seriously be considering it.

Windows RT on an Asus Tablet 600