No Windows Phone 8 Upgrades

If you want Windows Phone 8, you have to buy it pre-installed on a new handset. No current devices will be upgradable to the new mobile OS. Bad news for many of us that bought into the Windows Phone platform. It looks like a nice upgrade to the OS, but like Android, this is what got me to leave: the fragmentation. Now, if I want any apps that are WP8, I have to upgrade my device. I’m going to be left behind.

Windows Phone 7.8, however, will be available on existing handsets and looks to be very nice. It fixes a lot of issues people are complaining about (too few icons on front screen, too much wasted real estate, etc.).

Windows Phone 8 introduces support for multi-core processors, amongst other things, so the "Lumia 900 getting support for using dual-core or NFC doesn’t mean a lot," says Sullivan, "because it doesn’t have the hardware to take advantage of that." Microsoft decided to focus its efforts on Windows Phone 8 to make it as good as it possibly could. "To do the work to bring all of those elements to a platform that can’t exploit them wasn’t necessarily the most efficient use of resource," explains Sullivan.