Office 2013 Beta Rumored to Release Next Week

With all the attention on Windows 8 (both positive and negative attention) and it’s releases, it’s easy to forget about the new MS Office 2013, or Office 15. Rumors have been heard (translation via Google available here) calling for a beta release for next week. the newest version of Office has not had a public release at all, but a Technical Preview available to select developers, partners and a few select others.

Possible shipping will probably not be until the first part of 2013.

English translation quote – There is much information on what’s new in Office 2013, which is being developed under the code name Office 15. So leaked out that there is extensive SkyDrive integration, a read mode and Web extensions come. Which can be downloaded from the Office Marketplace or use via the web-apps, Office 2010 Starter also replaced. That was a free version of Office with stripped down versions of Excel and Word.