Mahjong and Solitaire Coming To Windows RT

Countless hours of every office worker has been spent playing Solitaire on Windows. It’s been a huge part of the operating system for years, and it always expected to be there. But, it was lacking in the initial releases of Windows RT Surface tablets. Well, that is about to change. Microsoft is releasing Mohjong and Solitaire for Windows RT. Solitaire has been such a bit part of Windows, yet so simple, that when you take it away people definitely notice. So, while this may seem like small news – to some it is really big news. I’m still waiting for Microsoft to re-release Hover.

Now it seem the prayers of RT-loving casual gamers everywhere have been heard by Microsoft. If you’ve already used them on Windows 8, you’ll get the exact same experience on Windows RT. However, the games do take a little longer to load – initially and throughout the game. I’m still expecting Microsoft to significantly address performance issues in the short-term future.