Xbox SkyDrive Created by Interns

Six Microsoft interns are responsible for the creation of the new SkyDrive for Xbox application. Of course, other Microsoft employees took over the reigns to give it some finishing touches, but the majority of the design and work was done by college interns. Not sure on the names, but they came from Harvard, Cornell, University of Virginia, Charlottesville; University of New York, Stony Brook; DigiPen Institute of Technology; and Olin College. Some top names there. Great job people!

But as self-contained and flexible project bridging two of Microsoft’s most high-profile consumer products, the SkyDrive app for Xbox Live was “a perfect fit for the interns,” said Dan Somrack, a Microsoft program manager who worked to finish the app. (Somrack, a recent Cornell University graduate, was himself a two-time Microsoft intern before joining the company as an employee, so he has an appreciation for these things based on a first-hand experience.)