Bing–Images to Bring Pleasure

A new blog post on the Bing Blog tells how and why they choose their daily picture on the Bing home page. I search with Bing, and to be honest, the daily picture does bring me back to the actual Bing homepage daily. At least for curiosity. Always an interesting visit, and I do click to find out more information on the majority of images. Many of the images are very nice to look at and do spark a bit of the positive emotion. So, mission accomplished, Bing. Well done.

But satisfaction isn’t our only business at Bing. Take, for example, the beautiful, high-resolution daily homepage image at While it may not increase your life satisfaction by helping you get something done, a quick look at Twitter and Facebook will tell you that it is a source of momentary delight for millions of people every day. The editorial team behind choosing the image carefully considers user happiness in every selection they make, working to maximize the surprise and delight we can get by simply taking a moment to explore our world visually.