New Windows Devices Announced at CES

CES is upon us, and as such there will be many new announcements and new hardware. Windows 8 devices are on deck now, with some great new additions from Panasonic, Lenovo and more. Panasonics Toughbook is great for the manufacturing industry and those that are extremely rough on their devices. Lenovo has their MIX 2 devices (10” & 11”), which look great.

One of my favorites is the Toshiba Tecra W50, with a 4K display. Very nice!

We’ve seen huge growth and momentum in the tablet space over the past year. Partners have launched several small Windows 8.1 Intel-based tablets with great value, power and performance. They are also differentiated from tablets on other platforms by providing the ports users need, support for the broadest range of peripherals like older printers, pen/stylus support that makes note taking easy and Microsoft Office for productivity. Windows tablets also include the unique touch first Internet Explorer browser, Skype and Xbox so people can watch movies, play games and connect with their friends on social media, but also get stuff done on the go with Microsoft Office.