Microsoft Sells 3M Xbox One Units

Microsoft has sold 3 Million Xbox One consoles this holiday season. This is a great number. However, Sony has come back and with their numbers – 4.3 million units sold. It’s going to be a very heated console war this generation. I expect both to do very well, and while Sony is currently beating Microsoft I’ve found that these battles can change very quickly. Still, great numbers from both consoles. I think Microsoft will be getting another sale in a couple weeks. Smile 

As we now know, Sony sold a massive 4.2M PS4s worldwide in 2013, which dwarfs Microsoft’s already impressive 3M number by quite a substantial sum. It’s particularly surprising given the fact that the console sales have been relatively close to date. Both systems sold 1M units within 24 hours of release. Microsoft hit 2M consoles sold about a week or so after Sony said they’d hit 2.1M. They were behind, but within striking distance.