2019 Windows Insider Annual Survey

The Windows Insider team is looking for your feedback on the Insider program, Windows in general, and what you’d like to see improve with both. Make sure to stop by and give them some good solid feedback, whether it’s good or bad. We’re all looking to make Windows a better OS, and the Windows Insider program a better place for all of us. With our input, we can help shape the program like we do with Windows itself.

We are inviting Windows Insiders to participate in our 2019 Windows Insider Annual Survey

Our Annual Survey is the single most important tool we have for making the Windows Insider Program even better. It’s your chance to tell us what interests you most about the program – and how we can make your Insider experience even better.

Of course, we’d also like to hear your feedback on the survey itself. Did the survey cover all aspects of the Windows Insider Program that are important to you? Was the survey easy to work with? Any suggestions for improving the survey or making it easier to complete?