Windows XP Or Windows 7 For Netbook?

So, the choice of the year for netbooks seems to come down to Windows XP or Windows 7 (for the Windows side. I really like the Ubuntu Netbook interface for a quick and easy look) according to MSNBC. But, which one to choose? They detail the pros and cons of each choice. And if you don’t like Windows 7 Starter, you can always upgrade to a better version and get a few more features that you are looking for. Although, with the Netbooks, one of the major concerns is battery life. Windows Aero uses more battery power (by using more GPU resources), which can be a concern for some. But, for a simple interface, I see no reason NOT to go with Windows 7. Windows XP is great, but it lacks in a lot of things. Newer Netbooks are powerful enough, come with enough RAM (2 GB, if it comes with 1 GB, you should upgrade anyway!), and a big enough hard drive to run Windows 7 fast and smooth. So, what does MSNBC have to say on the matter?

He believes there are “several key advantages” to using Windows 7 Starter vs. XP Home on netbooks. Among them: “The user interface, while largely a carryover from Windows Vista, holds some significant improvements over Windows XP,” especially with improved “Wi-Fi connection management” that is easier than XP’s.

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Microsoft Loses Appeal For XML In Word

Ouch. For those that don’t know, Microsoft faced a lawsuit for their implementation of an XML in their Word program. Well, they filed an appeal, and today it was denied. Not good. Word 2010 doesn’t have the infringing code, however. So, that makes a good case for getting that release out the door ASAP.

The technology in question involves “any Microsoft Word products that have the capability of opening .XML, .DOCX or DOCM files (XML files) containing custom XML,” according to a copy of the injunction released in August. I4i’s Owen said at the time that his company wasn’t out to force a halt in sales of one of Microsoft’s most profitable products, and it doesn’t appear that will happen.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Sandbox Feature

Microsoft Office 2010 has a new sandbox feature for those times when you download a questionable file from someone. This is supposed to greatly reduce malware infections through a commonly used exploit in Office applications. Great job, Microsoft for finally trying to put a stop to those that are using Office files to spread their malware.

The feature, called “Office file validation,” checks to see if a binary file used by Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel (with .DOC, .PPT and .XLS extensions) is a trusted document or stored in a trusted location. If not, the file will get protected in a sandbox, or “protected view,” which will limit the file’s access to system resources, according to David B. Heise, a member of Microsoft’s Office security team, in a Wednesday blog post.

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Windows 7 Leads To Less Tech Support Calls For Microsoft

Microsoft has said that they have had fewer phone calls into their technical support since the release of Windows 7 than before. While it sounds great, it is in part due to Microsoft putting some of the burden on the Microsoft Answers website and their own Twitter. They have also put it on to a few of us website owners, as well. With more sites doing free support for Windows (I do, to an extent!), it just makes it easier to find and get support for small issues.

The drop in calls isn’t just due to the fact that Windows 7 appears less problem-plagued than its predecessor, though. In the weeks leading up to and following the operating system’s release, Microsoft also added two new ways to get help–through an online forum called Microsoft Answers and via the Microsoft Helps feed on Twitter.

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Microsoft Fined For Suing Pirates

Well, here is a story that’s not too positive for Microsoft. Apparently, in India, Microsoft has went to suing pirates of their software. Unfortunately, they filed the lawsuits in the capital of the country, forcing the pirates to drive hundreds of miles from their towns of residence to battle the piracy claims. Well, the court claims that it isn’t right. While, I’m don’t agree with piracy, I don’t think that two wrongs equal a right. There is a right way to go after pirates… And that wasn’t it.

According to the Court, Microsoft is needlessly abusing its unlimited cash flow as a power tool to financially hurt the defendants, who will have to travel all across the country in order to defend themselves. This abuse of

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Windows 7 Complains Still Exist

As much as I really love Windows 7 (hey, I loved Vista as well!), it isn’t without it’s problems. I’ve only had very minor issues, mostly from third party applications and drivers, others have had more severe problems. I’ve seen my fair share of issues helping others on various forums and newsgroups, so I know they exist, and I know that the majority of them are fixable. This article outlines some of the major issues and shows that Windows 7 isn’t perfect…. That’s being saved for Windows 8…. Right? 🙂

Windows Vista was the “new big thing” for Microsoft and while people liked it, it still had its fair share of complaints. That is why Microsoft developed Windows 7, the newest OS for the company. Windows 7, which was released in late October, opened to much fanfare. However, like all other previous Windows upgrades, bug complaints have already started coming in.

Update: Looks like the article was ripped from Yahoo (… The author of the above article didn’t cite his sources on that one, so I wanted to update the true author of the article: David Goldman. While not a 1:1 rip, it is definitely an obvious rip. Some of the sentences are spot on copies, while others try to change a word or two…

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Windows Live Messenger 2010 Revealed

Neowin has been blessed with getting some screenshots of Microsoft’s newest Messenger client, Windows Live Messenger 2010. This looks like a nice upgrade for Messenger, with quite a few new features, just by judging from the screenshots.

Firstly the main Messenger window that contains your contacts has changed somewhat. Included on the left hand side is a “social stream” of updates provided by Windows Live. These are updates from your Messenger contacts and the data is provided by Windows Live. In current public Messenger builds some of this integration is present at the top of a conversation window. Windows Live Messenger aims to add to this by using the “social stream” as a showcase for your contacts updates. Providing your friends have including their Facebook, Twitter and Blog posts into Windows Live then you will see this in the stream.

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Build and Maintain a WSUS Server

For those that are in charge of your IT department, or if you are the IT department, Ars Technica has an article on how to build and maintain a tiered WSUS infrustructure. While this may be overkill on home networks (unless you are studying or playing around with AD and advanced Windows networking), it is a Godsend for business networks.

What WSUS gives you, out-of-the-box, is a way to consolidate updates on one server, distribute them out to clients, and apply only approved updates from approved categories at approved times. It also includes some useful, if somewhat lacking, reporting capabilities. However, all of this still isn

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New YouTube Channel

I have decided that some things are better shown than just described. I have started a YouTube Channel that will showcase various FAQ’s, guides and information on Windows and other Microsoft products. This should help out with clarification of ideas and help you to see what exactly is being done. To start off, I have uploaded a new way of opening Windows 7 Jumplists: just drag them open with your left mouse button. Simple, but not a well documented way to open the jumplists.

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Bing’s Outage Compared To Sally Field?

PC World compared Bing’s outage to Sally Field. I thought that the Bing outage was longer than 30 minutes, but probably not. Just pretty noticable! Although it wasn’t too big of a deal for me, as I just went to Google in the meantime, others were missing out on the Bing Cashback program.

In case you missed it–and most of you probably did–Microsoft’s Bing search engine was offline for about 30 minutes on Thursday evening. What’s noteworthy here isn’t that fact that a Web service was down briefly (just ask Gmail users) but that the short-lived outage resulted in a flurry of media coverage, including a couple of stories right here on

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