Microsoft Begins Pushing Cut/Paste Update

Developers have started to get the new update from Microsoft for the Windows Phone 7 which includes the Cut & Paste functionality. This was promised from the beginning, and it is starting to get into the cycle of updates. How long did it take the iPod Touch/iPhone? I know that was a lot of the animosity from the Apple crowd about the Windows Phone 7. It’s turning out to be a real nice platform.

“A user can tap a word in mail, IE, Word, etc and that word is then highlighted with arrows on both sides. One can then drag to the left or right to include more words. An icon appears above the highlighted word(s) (looks very similar to the copy icon in Office 2010) to copy. Open a new document, once the cursor is set/blinking and the soft keyboard appears, a paste icon (again, looks the same as the paste icon in Office 2010) is shown just above the top row of letters. In “Messaging”, a user can long press a specific IM which open up the hidden menu that now includes copy. Paste where you wish…”

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Windows Phone 7 Update Get Appraise In Advance

Chris Walsh, one of the developers behind ChevronWP7, has made some comments about the newest update to Windows Phone 7. It sounds like it is going to be one huge update, and definitely make it a competitor for the iPhone and Android. Apple took a long time to bring multi-tasking, cut and paste, and other features, but Microsoft is bringing it in only 3 months. That should quiet a lot of the haters saying that the Windows Phone 7 is so behind and not worth anything!

We have a feeling that’s just the beginning, as Chris Walsh, known for his contribution to ChevronWP7, has evidently been leaked some info on the update, calling it “massive” and more tantalizingly, “MS took 3 months to do what Apple did in 3 years” and “Lets just say the could have called it Windows Phone 8”–that’s exactly the kind of thing we and the market in general want to hear.

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Windows Phone 7 Hacked: MS’s Take

Microsoft knew that their Windows Phone 7 would be poked and prodded until someone hacked it. Of course, they don’t want people doing it and have released their take on it.

“We anticipated that people would attempt to unlock the phones and explore the underlying operating system. We encourage people to use their Windows Phone as supplied by the manufacturer to ensure the best possible user experience. Attempting to unlock a device could void the warranty, disable phone functionality, interrupt access to Windows Phone 7 services or render the phone permanently unusable.”

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Windows Phone 7 Rooted At Last

Great news for those that don’t like to be chained, bound and gagged by their cell phone provider (looking at you, Verizon), the people over at the amazing XDA Developers and crew have finally gotten root on a Windows Phone 7. Some more work is to be done, especially getting an application into the Microsoft Market to get on the phone to access the rooted device.

The breakthrough, while essentially providing root access, stops short of a neat, bundled jailbreak. Sideloading an application on a common, non-developer device is the next step, but could prove challenged because an app of that nature would have a lot of trouble making through Microsoft’s market certification.
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Verizon Waiting On Microsoft For Windows Phone 7

In a tweet from Verizon, they say they are waiting on Microsoft for the CDMA ready phones to add them to their arsenal. I’m waiting, as are many others for Verizon to offer a WP7 powered device. I’m glad that the WP7 is very close to being rooted so I can get rid of all the limits that are usually imposed by Verizon, crippling the devices from the get-go. Sprint is already getting ready to release their CDMA powered phone running WP7, the 7 Pro.

In a recent Tweet, the company suggested that they’re just waiting on Microsoft to deliver the OS and that they’re “excited” to offer the new platform to their customers. The waiting on Microsoft bit goes back to the unfinished work on porting the new OS to CDMA. We know Sprint is a big partner with Microsoft and that they’re getting close to launching the much anticipated 7 Pro.

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Google Vs. Bing on Windows Phone 7

CNET does a simple and sweet review on Google vs. Bing on the new Windows Phone 7. Sadly, Google just half baked their application and it is selling it’s search results rather than a good product. That worked 10 years ago, but not so much these days. Bing, on the other hand, stands out on it’s native Microsoft powered phone.

Like others, Google Search uses the phone’s GPS to localize searches (on the Samsung Focus, in this case). It hands out search suggestions as you type, but only if you type slowly, we found. It also keeps track of your previous searches, a boon for anyone hoping to bypass typing and repeat a search. Results appear in a browser window, which provides access to image, local, and news results as well as the Web findings.

And that’s about it. While suggestions and history are nice additions, were hoping for more than a Web shortcut from the Sovereign of Search in its debut Windows Phone app.

On the other hand, Bing’s more polished app enables voice search and spell check in addition to search suggestions. Bing’s results look more striking as well, since they manifest in an app and not in a browser search results page–just as we expect for an integrated search incumbent. Image results and search history are missing; however, Bing’s local results for “bagel” were mapped in an image and spot on.

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Windows Phone 7: Weak First Day Sales

While I’m kind of suspect to the source of this information, it seems like the launch of Windows Phone 7 was less than stellar. Sure, they give reasons as to why it could be so weak, but the source being unknown throws it off a bit for me. (Emphasis mine below).

Microsoft may have sold 40,000 Windows Phone 7 smartphones during the first day of sales, according to That number reportedly came from “a market research source who tracks phone sales.

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Microsoft’s Chalk “Graffiti” Causes Problems

So, it’s a slow news day apparently, and sidewalk chalk on the streets of New York and San Francisco are making headlines. Microsoft used a sidewalk chalk campaign to advertise their new Windows Phone 7 and free concerts. It was supposed to wash off with the rain, but it still hasn’t. The City of San Francisco are angry at Microsoft, calling their actions illegal as it is considered graffiti and may face fines. Last time Microsoft did a graffiti stunt was in 2002 with the MSN butterfly and they were fined a whopping $50!

San Francisco officials reacted angrily to the “illegal” street art last week. “There was no permit issued for this, because it’s not legal,” said Christine Falvey, director of communications for the city’s Department of Public Works, who spoke to Mission Local.

“As a first step, we generally contact the company and rely on them for a cleanup. If not, we can bill them for any cleanup costs the city incurs,” said Falvey. It’s not just city officials that are angry at Microsoft’s blatant disregard for the law.

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Google Search For Windows Phone 7

Google has unleashed their Google Search upon the Microsoft phone. Bing is available on the iPhone and Android, so why not make Google available on the three major smartphones, as well? I like a good alternative, although Bing has been proving to be a worthy adversary for Google.

Searching with Google on your Windows Phone 7 device just got easier. The Google Search app for Windows Phone 7 provides quick and convenient access to a rich set of search results, allowing you to search the web, images, local, news, and more.

This initial release of the Google Search app includes several features that help you to search faster – suggestions appear automatically as you type, you can choose to repeat a query from your search history, and your current location is used to provide more relevant results.
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